• Should I use LegalZoom to help start my business?

    Posted by Tripp Watson on April 3, 2017

    Lawyers love to complain about online legal services, such as LegalZoom. I’m routinely asked why someone shouldn’t just start their company on LegalZoom, and why even involve an attorney in the first place. From an outward perspective, an attorney and LegalZoom do the exact same thing: fill out a form and mail it off to the […]

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  • What to expect from your initial consultation

    Posted by Tripp Watson on March 14, 2017

    At The Watson Firm, we take an unusual approach to helping our clients, so let me take a few minutes to tell you what you can expect at your initial consultation. I want you to be confident that you can make an informed decision about whether we are the right law firm for you. First, business law […]

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  • Developing an Exit Plan for your Business

    Posted by Tripp Watson on February 17, 2017

    Everyone has an exit plan for their business. The thing is, it just might not be your plan.

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  • How to Start Building a Team for Your New Business

    Posted by Tripp Watson on January 27, 2017

    “No man is an island.” -John Donne- The single scariest moment in starting a business is making that first hire. I can speak from experience. Hiring the first employee is more than just a dollars and cents calculation, you’re bringing another human being’s livelihood into your hair-brained dream. If you thought the decision to start […]

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  • The Dirty Secret about Entrepreneurism that No One Wants to Talk About

    Posted by Tripp Watson on January 20, 2017

    Entrepreneurs are great! I should know, right? After all, almost all of my clients are entrepreneurs. I, of anyone, should be singing their praises. They are the job-growers, risk-takers, the doers of things. What’s not to love? However, something has bothered me for a while. It came to a head the other night when I […]

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  • Why I don’t give free legal advice, and why you shouldn’t take it

    Posted by Tripp Watson on January 9, 2017

    Any attorney who is been practicing for more than 36 hours has received the inevitable phone call from someone they’ve never met wanting to ask a “quick question.” If you have ever called an attorney and attempted to ask a “quick question,” this article is for you. As a strict matter of policy, I do not give […]

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