About the Watson Firm

About the Watson FirmThe Watson Firm is a unique boutique law firm that offers legal services and business consulting to entrepreneurs of all sizes.


Our firm’s mission is to provide new and veteran entrepreneurs the advice and service that allows them to focus on building their business, without having to worry about the details of legal compliance, liabilities, or other distractions. Further, we strive to add value to our clients’ businesses by providing legal and business advice that contributes to the bottom line.


We aspire to be the go-to business law firm for entrepreneurs across the Southeast by 2022.


Innovation — We prioritize innovative solutions to legal problems. While proven methods are never disregarded, strict adherence to “how we’ve always done it” is not a virtue. The best solution to this problem might be one we have not tried before.

Profit — We are in the business of business. We should be constantly cognizant of our role in our client’s bottom line and should strive to contribute more than we cost.

Collaboration — Our relationship with our clients is symbiotic association, and our operations should encourage and facilitate our clients’ involvement in setting and meeting goals.


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